Hybrid Binding Proteins Against Pathological Protein Aggregates in the Central

Background: The pathological protein aggregates such as beta-amyloids, alpha-synuclein and prion protein deposits in the CNS can be removed by vaccination, i.e., immunization using specific antibodies andlor synthesized antigens. Studies have demonstrated that clearance of these pathological protein aggregates in brain can attenuate brain cell loss and ameliorate brain function recovery. The disadvantage of existing methods is causing severe inflammatory response in host and involved in complicated vaccination procedures. Technology: A group of recombinant fusion proteins, i.e., hybrid binding proteins against specific pathological protein aggregates such as betaamyloids, polyubiquitin- and alpha-synuclein-containing deposits/inclusions, have been created in this invention. These hybrid binding proteins may be used for in vivo removal/clearance of pathological aggregates in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke and other disorders that have accumulation of related protein aggregates in the brain or other specific organ(s). Purified hybrid binding proteins may be also used as research reagents for isolation of related specific protein or protein aggregates from cell/tissue lysates in laboratory.

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