Novel Tissue Marker for Stratifying

BACKGROUND Research at the University of Manchester has identified a new tissue marker with potential use in the stratification of breast cancer patient groups and improved targeting of treatment for each patient. THE TECHNOLOGY The human homolog of the suppressor of deltex protein (SDRP) is aberrantly expressed in breast cancer cell lines. SDRP is thought to be a ubiquitin ligase and is a component of the Notch signalling pathway, which plays a key role in regulating cell proliferation. Expression of hSDRP has been demonstrated in oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer cell lines. This discovery may contribute to the early detection of more aggressive cancers with a high potential to metastasise. KEY BENEFITS
• A new marker for early diagnostic testing and stratifying of breast cancers POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS/APPLICATION AREAS
• As a target for future therapeutic and intervention strategies for cancer treatment through the development of DNA and protein-based diagnostic tests for hSDRP
• A tissue marker to improve stratification of breast cancer patient groups
• Improved targeting of the most appropriate treatments for breast cancer patients COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITY Of interest to biotech and diagnostic companies in the field of cancer with a view to improved stratification and treatment of breast cancers as well as the development of diagnostic methods. Possibility of option agreement or evaluation licence

Type of Offer: Licensing

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