Advanced Thermoelectric Materials of High Efficiency

Introduction Efficient heat management takes the form of both energy harvesting and cooling, and both are crucial in many applications, such as with electronics in order to optimize performance and to avoid premature component deterioration. In order to ensure that the constantly evolving electronics landscape remains long-lived and reliable along with other technology that relies on proper heat management, improved methods of heat transfer and heat dissipation are essential. Technology Description Professor Taya at the University of Washington has developed a series of thermoelectric materials with high efficiencies. These materials have high ZT/density values and high Clarke numbers, and they have proven effective as thermoelectric modules with various geometries. Business Opportunity These advanced thermoelectric materials present opportunities in all areas of heat management. Key applications are in electronics as components, such as thermoelectric modules. Some other potential applications include heat management in biological implants, automotive and aeronautical design, astronautical design (such as with reentry vehicles), and high-power antenna cooling. Stage of Development A working methodology for this technology has been developed and characterized. Intellectual Property Position The UW has patents pending on this technology.

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