Delivery of PEGylated Drugs from Bioadhesive Formulations

Introduction While significant advances have been made in the field of PEGylated drug delivery, there is still a need for novel and improved PEGylated drug delivery formulations, particularly those that are useful in the area of sustained drug delivery. Technology description Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a novel drug delivery formulation consisting of a PEGylated drug complexed with a bioadhesive polymer wherein the PEGylated drug comprises a polyethylene glycol covalently bonded to the drug. This complex is suitable for sustained drug delivery to a body fluid or mucosal tissue. The dissociation of the complex and the rate of release of the drug may be controlled by the choice of bioadhesive polymer used and/or by the addition of a free PEG, polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyacrylamide or polyvinyl alcohol. Business Opportunity This complex should be useful for drug delivery to the eye, buccal cavity, gastrointestinal tract, nasal cavity, vagina, respiratory tract, throat or open wounds. Stage of Development Drug release studies have been carried out to demonstrate the efficacy of this technology. Intellectual Property Position US 6,165,509, issued Dec. 2000. Related Publication(s)
J Control Rel. 2000 Nov;69(2):237-48

US 6,165,509

Type of Offer: Licensing

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