Hydrocarbon Oxidation for Manufacturing Chemicals

Chemical manufacturing Hydrocarbon oxidation

Works at ambient temperature Highly selective Energy-efficient process Environmentally benign

Heinz Frei, Fritz Blatter and Hai Sun have developed a selective thermal or photochemical oxidation procedure that favors oxidation of unsubstituted alkanes, alkenes, aromatics and cycloalkyls in solvent-free zeolites under dark thermal conditions or under irradiation with visible light. These small abundant hydrocarbons are oxidized to their corresponding carbonyl analogs. This new, energy-efficient, environmentally-sound method drives highly selective thermal oxidation and photooxidation reactions from molecular oxygen, using visible light in a zeolite medium. The process oxidizes hydrocarbons almost completely selectively without substantial production of byproducts. With this method, investigators have produced acrolein from propylene, benzalde-hyde from toluene, and cyclohexanone from cyclohexane.

US 6,329,553

Inventor(s): Heinz Frei, Fritz Blatter and Hai Sun

Type of Offer: Licensing

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