Composition of the reconstitution medium for protein and peptide formulations

Pharmaceutical scientists at the University at Buffalo have developed a rational strategy to design compositions for the reconstitution of freeze-dried protein/peptide formulations. These compositions confer stability to otherwise unstable protein p roducts such as replacement therapies (i.e. factor VIII, interferon-beta, etc.) and vaccines. Other applications include use as a delivery vehicle or as adjuvants for therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines. The strategy allows for the selection of ap plication-specific properties depending on the choice of compounds used in the formulation. Interaction of the protein with molecules present within the reconstitution media results in improved pharmaceutical properties such as stability, pharmacoki netic/pharmacodynamic properties and immune response. Further, the avoidance of surface adsorption allows for more predictable doses and an improved safety profile.

Categories: Healthcare, Therapeutic and Vaccines

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