Holographic formation of periodic polymeric photonic bandgap structures for visible to IR wavelengths

Chemical and biological sensor developers have held an interest in nanoscale construction of periodic structures. Numerous optical fiber products that utilize nanoscale periodic etching are available for stress/strain sensing. Chemical sensing usi ng affinity coatings on optical fibers is still an early technology. The invention offers a simple new platform, independent of fiber optics, for stress or chemical sensing.

The invention is a simple and inexpensive process to produce very contro lled periodic nanoscale gratings on an ultra-thin film using common laser techniques. When the film is stretched / compressed it visibly changes color, thereby indicating the stress / strain. Affinity coatings may be placed on the film grating. Th e average index of refraction of the grating changes when a reactant adheres to the coating, generating instant color changes that can be detected by eye or more sensitively with additional optical electronic sensors.

Categories: Diagnostic, Sensors

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