Highly Effective Li2O /Li3N with ultra-fast Kinetics for H2 Storage

This invention describes a novel product and procedure to store (and release) hydrogen as an energy source in fuel cells; it is a new material based on a combination of Lithium Nitride (Li3N) and Lithium Oxide (Li2O). Li3N leads as a solid state abso rber and releaser of Hydrogen (11.4 % by weight). Adding Li2O lends stability and protects against sintering. Other values are:

a) It absorbs and releases hydrogen from 180 degrees Celsius upwards, a significant improvement over other materials th at warrant much higher temperatures. b) It absorbs and releases approximately 5 % by weight of Hydrogen at the aforesaid temperature (within reach of annual targets prescribed by the Department of Energy). c) The kinetics of absorption and release of the gas by this material is extremely high. d) The size and weight of a Hydrogen based fuel tank using this material will be comparable to the size and weight of a regular gas tank; Costs are comparable. e) Using Hydrogen as fuel in this manner implies that today’s car engines do not have to be significantly re-engineered.

The use of hydrogen as an energy fuel is greatly favored due to its low cost, efficiency, cleanliness and lack of residues. Energy conservation policies that include c hangeovers to hydrogen fueled systems are being actively considered, especially in the automobile industry. Applications span the spectrum of energy uses in transportation, government, industrial needs, households, science and technology, et al.

Categories: Energy, Materials & Chemicals

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