Erogorgiaene derivatives and method for making

Marine-derived bioactive compounds hold great promise as therapeutics in the treatment of human disease. One particular family of marine-derived diterpene compounds has demonstrated anti-cancer, anti-tubercular and anti-inflammatory activities. How ever, the complete evaluation of such compounds and the development of new medications derived from them have been restricted by limited supplies, low yields and inefficient methods for synthesis. Using a patented chiral catalyst, a method has been developed which not only allows for ready and practical access to sufficient quantities of these naturally occurring compounds but also enables the development of novel analogs that can be manipulated for specific pharmaceutical properties. Further, this method appears to be amenable to economic, industrial-scale synthesis, making it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical companies looking to develop new anti-cancer, anti-tubercular or anti-inflammatory agents.

Categories: Materials & Chemicals, Therapeutic and Vaccines

Type of Offer: Licensing

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