Pentacene Derivatives as Organic Semiconductors for Electronic Applications

Organic semiconductors are increasingly replacing silicon-based materials in many nanoimprinted integrated electronic and photonic devices such as flat-panel and flexible displays, solar cells, microsensors for medical devices, and the like. New deve lopments in these fields require substances that are much more flexible, robust, easy to manufacture, and less costly than traditional silicon. Pentacene is the most frequently used organic semiconductor based on these attributes, but it suffers from several limitations. These include complications during synthesis resulting from poor solubility, decreased stability due to air sensitivity, and limited electrical transport mobility based on inefficient molecular packing. By altering these propert ies, the family of pentacene derivatives in the present invention is capable of simplifying the synthesis of the material while increasing both the stability and electrical properties compared to the parent compound. The improved characteristics foun d in these derivatives substantially enhance the performance of the material. The base derivative also allows for tailored derivatization leading to a diverse library of novel materials for selective devices.

Categories: Nanotechnology, Materials & Chemicals

Type of Offer: Licensing

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