Research Reagents for Human Serum Paraoxonase Status

PON1 is a glycoprotein that plays a role in both metabolism of organophosphate pesticides and in the cardioprotective effect of high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Two mutant forms of the protein are known. One of these, PON1-192 has been extensively s tudied and has been shown to affect the activity of PON1 with regard to its two metabolic functions. The invention consists of a reagent system and accompanying quality control material suitable for the precise and accurate determination of human se rum paraoxonase (PON1) genotype and phenotype as well as a quantitative measure of activity. This invention makes use of two assays which have been modified and automated to augment each others’ discriminating abilities, allowing for a 100% accurac y rate in genotype determination trials conducted thus far. This exceeds the current “gold standard” of PCR analysis. This invention could be used as a research tool as well as a diagnostic in the investigation of PON1 status in human health and di sease.

Categories: Screening, Diagnostic

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