CPAP titration using artificial neural network

For 18 million Americans suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) this is as frustrating as a dog chasing its tail. Lack of proper sleep can lead to severe health problems and increased risk of accidental death. Continuous Positive Airway Press ure (CPAP) provides effective treatment. However, determining the CPAP pressure for treatment involves multiple steps and guess work which drives up cost and delays treatment. This invention eliminates much of the guess work. The sleep technician obtains a reliable CPAP starting pressure based on the original diagnostic test. This pressure can be refined with further polysomnography studies. In the meantime, using this technology allows patients awaiting further sleep study to receive eff ective, immediate treatment. The faster treatment time allows the patients to be leading a better life in no time.

Categories: Medical Devices, Healthcare

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