Phase Sensitively Detected Reduced-Dimensionality NMR Spectra for Rapid Assignment and Secondary Structure Determination of Proteins

UB researchers have developed a novel NMR data acquisition and processing scheme named GFT nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy, where ‘GFT’ stands for a combined G-matrix and Fourier transformation. GFT NMR allows one to acquire higher dime nsional NMR spectral information orders of magnitudes faster than with conventional methods. For the first time, GFT NMR has allowed researchers to obtain the five-dimensional spectral information for a 8.6 kDa protein. Simultaneously, the precision of the chemical shift measurements is increased. This combination of unprecedented precision and speed makes GFT NMR outstandingly attractive for high-throughput protocols such as those employed in NMR-based structural genomics and drug discovery. Ev idently, the ability to accurately tune NMR measurement times to sensitivity requirements is pivotal for taking full advantage of costly NMR instrument time. GFT NMR spectroscopy is as widely applicable as FT NMR, including the broad area of structur e elucidation of smaller organic and organo-metallic compounds. For employment of GFT NMR, no additional NMR instrumentation is required.

Please refer to dockets R- 5655, R-5770 and R-5776

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