A Completely Polymeric Charge Storage Device and Method for Producing Same

This invention relates to the fabrication of a quasi-solid state charge storage device capable of being repeatedly charged and discharged to yield high capacities. The storage device has one or more electrochemical cells comprised entirely of a layer of ionically conducting polymer gel electrolyte separating opposing surfaces of doped or dopable electronically conducting conjugated polymeric anode and cathode electrodes supported on lightweight porous substrates. One or more of the electrochemical polymer cells formed by the above methods can be arranged to form battery devices with practical levels of charge storage capacity, and room temperature conductivity, suitable for commercial use. Particularly this invention describes the method for producing a charge storage device and moreso its electrode structures to form battery or capacitor devices with high reversibility, prolonged stability, and high room temperature conductivity. Advantages associated with conducting polymers such as light weight, processability and electronic conductivity, compared to traditional metallurgical processing, suggest their potential for exploitation in commercial applications, particularly rechargeable batteries.

Inventor(s): Poehler, Theodore

Type of Offer: Licensing

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