Polarization Phase-Based Method and Apparatus for Material Classification

This novel invention is an important advance for two distinct environments in which it is necessary to differentiate between electrically conducting and nonconducting materials - - inspection processes such as quality assurance, and high-level object recognition. As an example of the inspection application, this invention can be implemented for circuit board inspection, to determine and verify the placement of metal and insulator parts. An example of the object recognition application is automatic target detection and/or recognition where a geometrical shape description of an object needs to be augmented with such intrinsic physical characteristics as whether it is metallic or not. By this invention, an object is identified from the electrical conductivity of its surface. Polarized light, reflected from that surface, is received and the electrical conductivity identified. Patent (Set) 6,046,811

US 6,046,811

Inventor(s): Wolff, Lawrence

Type of Offer: Licensing

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