DPC4, a Candidate Tumor-Suppressor Gene

The DPC4 gene is also known as SMAD4 or as MADH4. It is a mediator of signal transduction for TGFbeta, activin, bone morphogenic proteins, and similar extracellular growth and differentiation ligands. DPC4 conducts a signal that suppresses tumorigenesis. Mutations in the DPC4 gene are found in most major human tumors types, although most numerous in colorectal (15%) and pancreatic ductal (55%) cancers. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Antibodies against Smad4 are of use in biologic research and in pathological evaluation of gastrointestinal cancers. Gene therapy or protein delivery of Smad4 to restore Smad signaling functions to cancers could offer a therapeutic anticancer effect with little expected toxicity. Assays of Smad4 function are useful in pharmaceutical studies of the signaling pathway, which is altered in a number of specific diseases.

Patent (Set) 5,712,097; 5,955,292; 5,814,457; WO 97/26271

US 5,712,097

Inventor(s): Kern, Scott

Type of Offer: Licensing

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