A System for Macro-micro Distal Dexterity Enhancement in Microsurgery of the eye

The system is a system for providing dexterity inside the eye for micro-surgical procedures. The system includes a remote center of motion unit (RCM) and a Macro-Micro Distal Dexterity (MMDD) unit. the MMDD unit is of several unique design variants that provide dexterity, deliver a micro robot close to the retina, includes a micro robot based on EAP Electro Active Polymers (Conjugated Conductive polymers), provides controllable light source inside the eye and micro dexterity for vein manipulation. Extensions for other minimally-invasive surgical and microsurgocal procedures are also described as well as extensions for endoscopic applications. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) 1. A system for micro surgery of the eye. 2. The micro-macro distal dexterity unit is a platform that can be used for general micro-surgery procedures. 3. A controllable light source inside the eye. 4. A controllable light source and catheter packaged in the same unit. 5. Numerous applications with catheter-based and microsurgery systems. 6. Flexible endoscopy applications. 7. Treatment system for retinal vein cannulation. 8. Cardiac ablation procedures for Atrial fibrillation and similar applications. 9. Minimally-invasive bone cancer and osteolysis surgery.

Inventor(s): Simaan, Nabil

Type of Offer: Licensing

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