B(subscript 1)-Insensitive T(subscript 2) Magnetization Preparation for Magnetic Resonance Imaging at High Field

T2 magnetization preparation is a commonly used MRI technique that enhances the contrast between arteries and surrounding tissues. Recently, high field imaging has shown promising results in acquiring high signal-to-noise images with sufficient spatial resolution suited for clinical diagnosis. However, the standard T2 magnetization preparation technique results in imaging artifacts due to non-uniform radiofrequency (RF) field across the imaging volume leading to a non uniform response, particularly for coronary imaging. Researchers at Johns Hopkins and the NIH have defined a new T2 magnetization preparation sequence which significantly suppresses these artifacts by using adiabatic pulses that yield a homogeneous response over a wide range of RF amplitudes. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This invention improves the quality of MRI images of the coronary artery so that the benefits of high field MRI, such as contrast to noise improvement, are no longer negated by image artifacts due to the larger RF inhomogeneities associated with higher field magnets.

Inventor(s): Ouwerkerk, Ronald

Type of Offer: Licensing

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