Immunoliposomal Delivery of Vaccine to the Spleen

Abstract (Set) A fundamental problem in all vaccination methods is to present the target antigen to the appropriate population of cells so that the immune system will be sufficiently activated to mount an immune response against cells that exhibit the target antigen. The problem in many cases is that the immune system is not sufficiently activated, and the immune response is of short duration or inadequate to eradicate the antigen-positive cells. It is thought that this is, in part, because dendritic cells, the most potent T-cell activating cell population, are not activated by the vaccine. Current methods do not allow delivery of vaccines directly to the most sensitive and potent T-cell activating cells. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University discovered a delivery method that targets a vaccine to the spleen, one of the most potent sites in the body for activating the immune system against the target antigen. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This invention is a delivery method that could replace current vaccine delivery methods. The advantage of this technology is that target antigen, as well as immunostimulatory adjuvant are delivered at very high concentrations to those cells that are most potent for mounting an immune response

Inventor(s): Sgouros, George ,Reilly, Richard Todd,Sofou, Stavroula,Song, Hong

Type of Offer: Licensing

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