Web-Based Diabetes Data Management Application

Intensive control of blood glucose levels may delay the onset and progression of microvascular complications that contribute to the morbidity and mortality of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes melltus. Treatment regimens targeting intensive control rely on the administration of multiple doses of different preparations of insulin. These regimens are monitored and adjusted on the basis of frequent self-measured blood glucose readings. Patients who keep track of their own blood glucose measurements usually transcribe written entries in logbooks or notebooks that are presented for review during clinical encounters. At present, there are no widely accepted schemes in use that provide a basis for standardizing the organization and display of self-measured blood glucose readings. In large part, providers are left to devise their own methods to make use of the information placed at their disposaL. In the pressured flow of practice, this often results in significant underutilization of a potentially vital source of objective clinical data. Description (Set) The inventor has developed a web-based data management application designed to expedite and facilitate a range of operations involved in the point-of-care management of patients with diabetes. The central feature of this application is a dynamically generated metaphor graphic display that provides an integrated event-oriented overview of prescribed doses of insulin in association with aggregated blood glucose readings. This scheme that underlies the generation of this display is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of treatment regimens incorporating fixed, intake-dependent, and scale-dependent doses of rapid-acting, short-acting, intermediateacting, long-acting, and combined preparations of insulin. A pilot study has demonstrated that review of displays generated according to this scheme may promote more accurate and efficient real-time decision making when compared to review of standard prescriptions and logbook entries. Proposed Use (Set) 1) designation of treatment regimens incorporating multiple doses of insulin 2) transmission of self-measured blood glucose readings 3) review of large volumes of aggregated self-measured blood glucose readings 4) adjustment of monitoring and treatment regimens 5) generation of updated treatment instructions and prescriptions 6) review of updated treatment instructions

Inventor(s): Kim, Matthew I.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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