Identification of E. Coli Determinants Contributing to Bacteremia that Form the Foundation for Development of Vaccines Against E. Coli Bacteremia Andsepsis

E. coli is the most common gram-negative organism causing nosocomial bacteremia and bacteremia in VA and elderly patients. The mortality and morbidity associated with E. coli bacteremia is substantial. For example, E. coli sepsis is associated with an estimated 40,000 deaths each year at a cost of two billion dollars in the US alone. At present there are no preventive measures for patients at risk of E. coli bacteremia. A major contributing factor is the incomplete understanding of microbial determinants contributing to this pathogenesis. Previous studies have identified several virulence factors associated with the pathogenesis of E. coli bacteremia including the K1 capsular polysaccharide and O-lipopolysaccharide (LPS). However, the feasability of using the K1 capsule and O- LPS for the prevention of E. coli bacteremia, however, has been shown to be limited. This technology relates to several determinants which are highly conserved in isolates of E. coli from blood, and we have shown that these determinants contribute to bacteremia. These E. coli determinants provide attractive targets for the prevention and treatment of E. coli bacteremia. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This technology provides methods for the prevention and treatment of E. coli bacteremia and sepsis.

Inventor(s): Kim, Kwang

Type of Offer: Licensing

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