Mechanism for Input, Transmission, and Analysis Mechanism of Self-assessed Pain Level for Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics

a. The device offers a novel method of monitoring pain in patients. The design allows doctors/nurses to track the pain levels felt by the patient much like heart rate and other metrics are currently viewed. By coupling the increase or decrease in pain with other events, better diagnosis�s can be made. b. Several different methods are outlined, including the use of a button, slider, touch pad, or trigger. Furthermore, the scale could be either based on pressure, a 1-10 scale, or even description such as �big pain� �little pain� or �really big pain� c. The reading could also be sent remotely to either a central nurse station or the personal monitoring unit. d. Guidelines: JCAHO accredits 80% of US hospitals comprising 98% of the hospital beds. New guidelines call for �initial assessment and regular reassessment of pain� Critical elements of the assessment include �pain intensity and quality (eg, pain character, frequency, location, and duration)�

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