Biomarkers for Pancreatic and Biliary Cancers

Abstract (Set) Pancreatic and biliary cancers are two of the most fatal among all human malignancies. Late presentation of the disease and lack of diagnostic markers are the major reasons for a dismal outcome of these cancers. The most widely used diagnostic marker for biliary and pancreatic cancers, CA 19-9, lacks specificity and sensitivity. Thus, there is an immediate need for more reliable diagnostic markers. We have identified proteins that are overexpressed in pancreatic and biliary cancers using a mass spectrometry based quantitative proteomic approach. Initial validation of some of these molecules by immunohistochemical staining of cancer tissue micro arrays confirms their potential use as biomarkers. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The biomarkers identified by us can serve as candidates for early detection, as therapeutic targets, imaging agents or for therapeutic monitoring of pancreatic/biliary cancers. They can potentially be tested in serum, fine needle aspiration biopsies, frozen sections or paraffin embedded tissue material.

Inventor(s): Pandey, Akhilesh ,Chaerkady, Raghothama,Gronborg, Mads,Hindalahally Chandre Gowda, Shreeharsha,Hruban, Ralph,Nalli, Anuradha

Type of Offer: Licensing

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