Method of and Apparatus for Sanitizing MRI Machines

Abstract (Set) Since the advent of MRI exam reimbursement cut-backs, the motivation for increased patient volumes is becoming commonplace. In addition, a wider range of patients with various medical ailments and medical histories including Leukemia, Sacoidosis, AIDS, Lymphoma, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Viral & Bacterial Menengitis, and Herpes Zoster. This combination of the infrequency of MRI bore cleaning couples with this blend of diseases could be significantly harmful to all persons exposed. Description (Set) The invention allows MRI technologists to routinely, efficiently, and easily clean the bore of MRI machines without exposing themselves to any infectious agent. It also eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination between patients. Furthermore, the current protocol both requires a longer time (which leads to more downtime when carried out) as well as varying levels of cleanliness. This technology drastically reduces the time required to clean and allows for a standard level of cleanliness. Proposed Use (Set) The technology incorporates both a method of and apparatus for sanitizing MRI machines. The apparatus includes an extendable rod, a multi-use (100) sponge, and a one-time use cover. This invention replaces the current protocol which requires the technologist to crawl into the bore of the MRI Machine and clean the inside with a sponge.

Inventor(s): Smith, Sidney ,Taylor, Joe

Type of Offer: Licensing

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