The Write Away

INVENTION: The Write Away is an easy-to-use writing aid for individuals with physical impairment such as arthritis or stroke. Unlike currently available writing aids, The Write Away:

Is easy to grasp Supports the hand Is ambidextrous Securely grips writing implements Easily changes writing implements Glides easily Looks great Through extensive user testing, the inventors learned that users are most comfortable resting their hand on a solid device that supports their hand in the natural writing position. This feature also allows users to relax their shoulders while writing, whereas currently available writing aids can require users to strain their shoulders during use. The Write Away employs a smooth-bottom design, which glides easily on the writing surface, minimizing user effort and enabling fluid writing motion. A one-way valve with rubber dipped metal springs provides resistance and secures the writing implement during writing motion – a well-received benefit enabling users to change writing implements unassisted. The Write Away is shown in the below figures. STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT : The inventors have conducted extensive interviews and trials with users to determine design requirements and to refine prototypes.

Northwestern University seeks a licensing partner to commercialize this invention. A patent application has been filed.

Inventor(s): Kara McKenzie, Craig Miller, Stacey Mosley, Jonathan Saathoff

Type of Offer: Licensing

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