Biomarkers for Chemo-resistance in Ovarian Cancer

Abstract (Set) Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy in the US. Although it is initially very responsive (80%) to cisplatin-based chemotherapy, 75% of patients easily develop cisplatin resistance and relapse within 2 years of primary therapy. The progression of cisplatin-resistant cancer confers poor prognosis and decreases overall survival. Several mechanisms have been implicated in cisplatin resistance, but they are not sufficient to exhaustively explain why resistance emerges. Scientists at JHU have identified a panel of proteins involved in ovarian cancer drug resistance. One of the proteins that appears to expresses differentially in matched pairs of primary and recurrent tumor tissue samples was validated. In addition, it was determined that expression of this protein is predictive of disease-free intervals of ovarian cancer patients who had undergone optimal primary debulking surgery followed by a standard chemotherapeutic regimen. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The biomarkers discovered in this work can be measured in serum or plasma or other clinically more easily accessible body fluids and used as a prognostic and diagnostic tool in ovarian cancer or other cancers. In addition, the biomarkers may be used for monitoring of disease progression or regression as a treatment management tool.

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