A Formulation of Anatomical Relationships in the Coronary Distribution of Non-calcified Plaque Based on Multi-detector CT Angiographic Assessment

Abstract (Set) Analyzing the data from coronary imaging of plaque is a complex process that makes it extremely difficult to compare any coronary plaque related information in a population-based study. The method disclosed here presents a system of statistical and analytical techniques to identify systematic relationships in the data to enable inter and intra subject comparisons of coronary non-calcified plaque. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) A major obstacle in understanding the distribution of non-calcified plaque in the coronaries of heart is the extensive amount of data generated from processing Multi Detector CT angiographic data. Developing a coherent understanding out of such exhaustive sets of discrete quantitative data requires the development of a systematic approach. The method developed resolves the complexity by applying statistical and analytical techniques to uncover relationships that may not be readily apparent to routine observation of such data.

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