CVD or PVD Diamond Coating on HTHP PCD Diamond

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a class of super hard materials made by high temperature and high pressure consolidation (HTHP) of synthetic diamond grains. It has many industrial applications such as rock drilling, metal cutting, mining operations, construction, demolition tools and wood working. Diamond has an extremely high wear resistance, which makes it useful for all the above applications. Increasing demand in productivity has generated a strong need for further improvement in cutter and drilling technologies. A common failure mode for PCD is fracturing and catastrophic breakages which have to be improved. This technology describes a method to improve the corrosion, thermal stability and resistance to wear of these tools. It is made possible by depositing a layer of pure polycrystalline diamond by physical vapor deposition (PVD) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on the surface of a pre-fabricated conventional PCD component.

There is prior art on HTHP polycrystalline diamond. There is also prior art on the CVD and PVD diamond. However, there is very little reported research on the combination of CVD diamond with PCD to optimize performance.
This invention has broad applications in the rock drilling, metal cutting, mining, construction and demolition industries. It can be used to make metal cutting and wood working tools. The improved corrosion, thermal resistance and wear resistance makes it a great material for fabricating shear cutters.

Stage of Development
This technology is part of an active and ongoing research program and is available for developmental research support/licensing under either exclusive or non-exclusive terms.

Additional Info
*Chipping Resistant Polycrystalline Diamond and Carbide Composite Materials for Roller Cone Bits:, Fang, Z.; Griffo, A.; White, B.; Belnap, D.; Hamilton, Rob; Portwood, G.; Cox, P.; Hilmas, G.; Bitler, J., Proceedings - SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 2001, p 671-678

Inventor(s): Zhigang (Zak) Fang

Type of Offer: Licensing

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