Surface Chemistry, Colloids and Emulsions Laboratory


The laboratory is active in the fields of synthetic organic chemistry of surfactants; physical chemistry; surface and colloid science - emulsion technology, crystallization phenomena, extraction processes; nutraceuticals; drug delivery vehicles - nanosized self-assembled liquid (NSSL) vehicles; lyotropic liquid crystals (LLC) – related to cubosomes and hexosomes; novel liquid micellar discontinuous phases - the QL phase; bioavailability of nutraceuticals and drugs; and competitive adsorption (cholesterol and phytosterols)

Services provided

Research on new or modified nanosized self-assembled liquids (NSSL)
Construction of specific and regioselective organic (signature flavoring and aroma molecules) and enzymatic (phospholipids, monoglycerides) products Developing new polymorphic crystals (drugs, sweeteners, nutraceuticals) using nanodroplets as nanoreactors Solubilization of insoluble active molecules (drugs and nutraceuticals) and using nanovehicles to transport the guest molecules to food products and via the digestive tracts to the blood stream Competitive solubilization of bioactives at interfaces of microemulsions Stabilization (physically or chemically) of sensitive molecules against oxidation Controlled release of active molecules from the core of the dispersed system (microemulsion, microcapsule) to the outer continuous interface Design new emulsifiers Modify proteins and hydrocolloids to form nanosized aggregates Improve solubilization via emulsified microemulsions (modified double emulsions) with controlled release Food emulsions and interfacial modifications Nutraceuticals - solubilization and characterization Novel double emulsions – emulsified microemulsions (EME)
Transdermal and transmembrane drug delivery Advantages

Highly skilled, experienced staff employing state-of-the-art equipment/technologies

Type of Offer: Licensing

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