New Method and Compositions for Improvement of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


New methodology creates ability to easily examine molecular structure of complex mixtures Uses easily available materials as well as novel formulations of specifically tailored solvent mixtures and/or modified chromatographic media Unique application of known molecular chemical principles Our Innovation (facts and advantages)

Solves the problem of examining the molecular structure of complex mixtures Enhances separation in the diffusion dimension while maintaining full resolution in a regular high-resolution NMR experiment. Provides spectra for each component of the mixture without needing separation Stops excessive line-broadening, guarantees sample homogeneity and prevents the compound from deviating from its non-spinning value

The Opportunity

Allows for NMR analysis of simple mixtures without lengthy and expensive separation and purification Reduces separation costs for complex mixtures

Development Milestones

Researching suitable soluble chromatographic media for specific applications, such as perdeuterodextran for separating peptides or perdeuteropolymers for organic compounds

Type of Offer: Licensing

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