Antibody Fusion Proteins for treating Cancer

University of California researchers have developed a family of antibody fusion proteins with a potential for various therapeutic applications. These inventions represent both novel technologies and products with novel applications.

These UC fusion proteins combine an antibody with various cytokines. While these cytokines have been used previously as direct antitumor agents, these antibody-cytokine fusion proteins can be employed in a novel therapeutic strategy. In this role, the fusion proteins enhance the immune response to a particular tumor marker. Studies in an animal model have demonstrated that these fusion proteins lead to significant anti-proliferative activity against a murine tumor expressing a breast cancer antigen; the results suggest that both humoral and cell-mediate responses contribute to the observed anti-tumoral activity. It is expected that these fusion proteins will lend themselves to both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccinations; they may be used separately or in combination to achieve an additive or synergistic anti-proliferative effect.

REFERENCE: 2002-332

Type of Offer: Licensing

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