Extremely High Voltage DC Electric Energy Storage System - Seamless Power for the National Grid!

A patented soft-switching inverter designed especially for de-energizing high-voltage, high-energy capacitors is revealed in US Patent 7,157,884 (Hacsi) and used in conjunction with a very large in-ground conventional capacitor (a PIT capacitor) to convert high-voltage AC electricity from a nearby generating station into DC at one million volts. In words, a high-voltage rectification system is first used to convert AC to DC and energize the capacitor to one million volts at night with electrical energy that's generated more efficiently and at reduced cost. During the day, the stored DC electrical energy is efficiently converted back to AC and synchronized with the 60 Hz grid-frequency (by the patented inverter!) where it is sold back to the electric utility company for a profit (20%) at a time when seamless electricity is needed most! PIT capacitors can also be located at remote sites on the national power-grid for storing electrical energy closest to where it is needed most. Smaller PIT capacitors can also be buried in the ground near homes and consumers can energize them at night and then sell the stored electricity back the grid at a profit or they can power the home during the day with cheaper electricity generated at night! This is possibly the only method known for effectively providing truly "seamless" power to the national grid! A single one-farad conventional capacitor energized to one-million volts can store 50 gigawatts of energy for example. The inverter also makes high-voltage DC electrical transmission and distribution systems possible where the inverters are used in place of step-down transformers to distribute energy to individual homes or businesses. Who said high voltage DC electricity can't be stepped-up or stepped-down for long-range transmission?

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