DESIRE Recommender System

Successful e-commerce websites, including, eBay and Netflix, use recommender systems to increase overall sales, cross-sales and up-sales. Any time you see product suggestions on a website, you are seeing a recommender in action. Multiple recommenders can be combined to provide even better suggestions.

DESIRE is an especially effective recommender system that dynamically interprets user behaviors, such as product viewing times, to infer their preferences and recommend products. It was created by Drs. Jeffrey Parsons and Paul Ralph at Memorial and Lancaster Universities, respectively. This brand new technology (patented just this year) can provide the critical sales advantage your business needs.

To use DESIRE, you only need three things:
an e-commerce website selling a set of products
the web log files automatically captured by your web server
relevant attribute data (e.g., price, size, color) for the products you want to sell

Please contact us if you would like to discuss licensing DESIRE. We can also assist your technical staff in adding DESIRE to your existing infrastructure. Be assured that we can come to an agreement that will fit your needs and situation. If a guaranteed competitive advantage is what you are after, an exclusive license may be available depending on your industry.

In addition, the DESIRE patent protects most, if not all, uses of viewing times to generate recommendations. If you are currently employing a recommender system that uses viewing times, please contact us. We can advise you on better leveraging this data and work out a reasonable license agreement.

US 7,756,879

Type of Offer: Licensing

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