CCN - Carbon Capture and NEUTRALIZATION

Cuyha Innovation Oy was founded in 2004 by renowned nuclear physicist Matti Nurmia to manage and develop his inventions. Most of Dr. Nurmia’s inventions relate to energy production and environmental issues.

Dr. Nurmia’s most notable invention is the neutralization of CO2. This revolutionary invention uses feldspar, common all over the world, to processes environmentally harmful carbon dioxide into harmless bicarbonates.

Carbon dioxide neutralization

With emission standards tightening every day and global warming a real threat, carbon emissions are a truly hot topic. There are hundreds of projects world-wide working to find feasible solutions to storing, or sequestering, this captured CO2. These CCS-solutions are based on costly and environmentally very questionable methods by which the CO2 is isolated from flue gas, then compressed and transported to an underground or undersea storage-site; possibly to leak out one day bringing the same problem down on future generations.

We believe that the CCN (Carbon Capture and Neutralization) -process presented by our company in WO 2010/000937 A1, is far superior to the various CCS-processes proposed. Technical details of the CCN-process are explained in the above WO publication.

Briefly, in our process the CO2 is washed from compressed or otherwise high content flue gas into a stream of water. The resulting acidic liquid is neutralized with feldspar. As an extra benefit of this process, each ton of CO2 produces up to two tons of bauxite, than can be easily refined into aluminum oxide (alumina) currently selling at 300 $ US per ton on the global market. Combined with our oxygen enrichment process, the CCN-process can cut a power plant’s CO2-emissons nearly 100% (typically over 90%).

Our CCN-process is also a cost-effective way to separate rare elements from large quantities of silicate minerals. For example spodumene, a variation of feldspar, contains large amounts of lithium, a strategic metal for the rechargeable battery industry. One ton of spodumene will yield, besides the alumina mentioned above, around 200 kg of lithium carbonate. Other recoverable metals include rare earths, and heavy metals like tantalum. These are currently produced from highly concentrated occurrences, many of which are located in distant and/or politically unstable parts of the world. Silicate minerals often contain these rare elements in amounts too small to justify their extraction by conventional methods.

In summary, a power plant using our CCN-process will not have its profitability adversely affected by compliance to emission regulations but actually greatly improved thanks to income from valuable byproducts! All this before CO2-emission quotas and fees are even considered.

Cuycha Innovation is actively seeking industrial partners for joint projects.
We are also open to licensing negotiations for the North American region.

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Type of Offer: Licensing

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