Laser Imaging System to Assess the Vitality of Pulpal Chamber of Teeth

Brief Description
Researchers have developed a laser imaging system that accurately assesses the pulp vitality of a tooth. This system can assess and image the pulp vitality without pain to the patient and the method used by the system is non-invasive.

Pulp vitality test is crucial in monitoring the state of health of dental pulp especially after traumatic injury. Traditionally, thermal and electrical pulp testing methods have yielded false positive or false negative readings on a tooth’s pulp vitality. These traditional methods also cause discomfort to the patient. This new system accurately images and measures the blood flow in the tooth without patient discomfort.

This system has been tested in humans.

* Patent Pending

Tech ID: 21168

Inventor(s): Choi, Bernard H.; Stoianvici, Charles; Wilder-Smith, Petra

Type of Offer: Licensing

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