Facile Method for Modifying Retrovirus Envelopes to Purify Retroviruses and/or to Enhance Gene Delivers

Tech ID: 21217

Brief Description
Researchers have developed a novel and convenient method to molecularly tune the exterior surface of retroviruses. The glycoproteins on the surface of viruses and virus-producing cells were activated via oxidation and were further bioorthogonally conjugated with desired functional molecules. These modified retroviruses were able to transduce cells at a high efficiency.

Full Description
By using the method described, the retroviral envelope was shown to be labeled with a fluorescent dye, which can be useful for molecular imaging. In addition, UCI researchers demonstrated that magnetic particles conjugated to the retroviruses can be easily purified and concentrated using magnetic column separation and also directed towards cells for targeted transduction by using an external magnetic field. Finally, retroviruses have been successfully conjugated to antibodies and the potential of targeted transduction to specific cell types is currently being investigated by using these retroviruses conjugated to antibodies.

Suggested uses
This method may be used to modify retroviruses so that retroviruses are easier to purify and concentrate. Retroviruses tagged with markers like GFP may also be tracked in vivo or in vitro. In addition these retroviruses conjugated to magnetic particles or antibodies may be used for transduction of specific cells.

* Patent Pending

Inventor(s): Kwon, Young Jik; Wong, Shirley Yu

Type of Offer: Licensing

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