Procedures and cutlery for the digestion of cells and the preservation and extraction of nucleic acids from living cells or tissues

The invention relates to a method for sample fixation, sample preservation, for cell disruption and extraction of nucleic acids in living cells, cell aggregates and tissue samples, and a working set for the implementation of the procedure. The method is to use living cells or tissue fragments of a nearly water-free to equilibrate with water-miscible volatile organic liquid and catch up then, the dehydrated cells through generation of mechanical stimuli in the volatile organic liquid to separate the liquid and residue in an aqueous extraction buffer to disperse;. The novel working set includes at least one sealable container, a volatile organic liquid, the binding of water from this liquid, suitable solid dehydrating agent and a container adapted to the amount of fine, hard Mahlpartikeln. It can be used in conjunction with a device for generating shear and / or impact forces and a device for isolating nucleic acids from the crude extract to fix, long term preservation and isolation of high molecular weight DNA and RNA in living cells, cell aggregates and tissue samples. The advantage of the invention is that it can be dispensed with cooling and strong mechanical stimulus to break the cells.

DE 102,007,063,019

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