Automatic sample collector

This invention relates to an automatic sample collector for liquids which are discharged from a chromatographic column, a dialysis apparatus, or a reaction container, for example, and are consecutively collected at a give volume division, a method for collecting samples of a liquid in a predefined chronological sequence, and uses of the inventive sample collector. The volume is divided by assigning one or several gas-permeable liquid barriers ( 4, 5 ) to each collection container ( 3 ). The sample collector can be produced as one piece which is for single use and is made of polypropylene, Teflon, or other suitable materials. The inventive sample collector has the advantage that it requires no source of energy and can be autoclaved and miniaturized, among other things.; The design of the inventive sample collector makes it possible to keep the content of the collection containers free from oxygen or immediately freeze the liquid flowing into the collection containers.

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US 20,050,161,112


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