One hundred "What If?" questions to spark your creativity, unmuck your mind, and break through your mental blocks.

100-WHATS of CREATIVITY This collection of questions are likely to make you smirk, smile, chuckle, or roll your eyes as you muse about the answers, designed to make you think more deeply about your ideas.

Once you begin using this helpful tool, you'll want to keep it handy as a constant resource for improving your innovative ideas and kick starting your creative process.

Available in Print and Kindle editions, as well as a free online version.

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For non-native English speakers, "what if" has nothing to do with the conditional if of programming. It means "imagine that" or "what are the implication of?".
- Ray Givler

Please forward the 100 questions?
- Magriet Mouton

I am interested about 100-WHATS of CREATIVITY
- reşat ataman