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How Can We Stop our Contractors from Taking our Customers?

How can we stop this from happening so we can get repeat business from these customers?
Winner: Alain Sirangama, France
  Prize:   $1,000
IdeaConnection is the ideal service for those searching to monetize their ideas and to bring their contribution to other through brainstorming. They provide a huge amount of contests regularely, offer many ressources online and processed the payment of my award so quickly. Many thanks to this tremendous service and its reactive team. - A. Sirangama

Name the Program

Syngenta, a major agriculture company, is seeking a new name for its advanced breeding program.
Winner: Raymond Givier, USA
  Prize:   $400

Seeking Novel Ideas

This contest aims at collecting innovative ideas for sustaining the international promotion and diffusion of the local handicraft traditional products and competencies typical of two main areas of the Apulia region (Italy).
Winner: Marcia Melbourne, UK
  Prize:   $1,000

Returning Used Shoes

A large shoe manufacturer wants to start a new, ongoing consumer behavior where at the end of a shoe's useful life, the consumer returns their used shoes to the company from which they bought them.
Winner: Raj Shankarappa, USA
  Prize:   $7,500

New Markets for Liquid Polymeric Material

Seeking new markets and applications for liquid polymeric material.
Winner: Charles John Bhaskar, India
  Prize:   $2,500

Controlling Vertebrate Pests in New Zealand

Seeking an ingredient that will help control vertebrate pests in New Zealand including brushtail possums, rabbits, and rats.
Winner: Anatoly Chernyshev, New Zealand
  Prize:   $1,000

Innovating Insurance for Younger Drivers

What are your wild and wonderful ideas that would allow the younger drivers to become interactive and engaged in managing their own policies and risks attributed to their insurable group?
Winner 1st Place: Tarun Singh, India
IdeaConnection is an excellent platform that allows people from different fields to think and propose solutions in areas that may or may not be their primary field of experience. IdeaConnection is indeed a true crowdsourcing Innovation platform. - T. Singh
Winner 2nd Place: Prashant Pandey, India
Winner 3rd Place: Ronald Chepkwony, Kenya

Wine Batonnage Solutions for Large Tank
A way to improve the quality of wine by having 2%0% of the conical surfaces covered during wine maturation.
Winner: R. Farmer, Roanoke, VA, USA
  Prize:   $1,000

Acoustica's Tracking Print Advertising
How to track Print-based advertising Campaigns
Winner: H. Chmil, Lock Haven, PA, USA
  Prize:   $500

Quality Power & Sail Safe Moorage
How to protect moored boats from heavy weather surge damage.
Winner: A. Currey, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia
  Prize:   $500
Thanks IdeaConnection for a great medium. It's great that there's such a forum out there to help develop ideas from the wider community, and after having two out of two of my ideas chosen I'll surely be keeping an eye on more contests as they come up! People seem to like the 'outside the box' solutions, and this gives a very promising view of the future too. - A. Currey

San Francisco Sinfonietta
Seeking innovative ideas on fundraising.
Winner: K. McCarthy, Winter Park, Florida, USA
  Prize:   $1,000
Thanks IdeaConnection! You've created four winners! My hope is that the client, San Francisco Sinfonietta, runs with the idea and raises a ton of awareness and money while taking its music to the streets of San Francisco. The people of the Bay Area will win as great music comes to them. I've also won by advancing the arts and the $1,000 pay day was certainly a welcomed bonus. Finally, IdeaConnection wins because it facilitated a greater good for all four winners. - K. McCarthy

Recycling Used Car and Truck Tires
Seeking innovative ideas about how to recycle used car and truck tires.
Winner: C. Evans, N. Wales, UK
  Prize:   $500

Transitioning from DJ to DJ on Different Mediums
The main issue comes from going from "Serato" played on CD's to straight CD's. Or "Serato" played on vinyl to regular vinyl.
Winner: A. Currey, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia   Prize:   $500