Innovation Consultant

Chris DeArmitt

Chris DeArmitt
I have worked as an internal consultant to such companies as Electrolux and BASF whereby people come to me with their problems, knowing me to be someone who can contribute to solving even the toughest problems. You can read examples of my solutions at my website but I will mention two examples here.

BASF had struggled with a serious production problem for one of its main plastic products. Even after 3 decades of work by PhD scientists and 3 million Euros spent, they were no closer to a solution. I solved that problem for them on my own initiative, with no running project. The solution was new and patentable but more importantly, it was cost-effective, safe and worked in the existing factories.

Also at BASF, I invented a new smart plastic. It is a new, patented material that changes transparency reversibly with temperature. The product is not just interesting and new, but functional. It was made due to a customer request and has now generated interest globally with several top companies. Unlike many cutting edge materials, this new material, named ThermoShift, is cheap, safe and processable by injection molding just like regular plastics.

My innovation services include coaching on how to make innovation work in practical terms and also providing out of the box solutions to technical problems. I have won 4 Innocentove Open Innovation challenges to date. You can find many more examples at my Phantom Plastics website.