Mario Alejandro Rosato

Mario Alejandro Rosato
The patented wastewater treatment system can be defined as a compound bioreactor performing anaerobic, aerobic, denitrification, bioremediation and solar distillation at the same time. It can theoretically work from the equator till 50 or 60º latitude. The concept was selected by the EU for the flagship mission to India-Eu bilateral congress in Chennai, 2010. Never prototyped to pilot scale because of investor's lack of interest in technologies for 3rd world countries.

Mathematicl model and 2 different concept drawigs of a wind powered ship capable of sailing faster than the wind in any direction (when I retire I will build it in my garage, seems to have no market appeal for the leisure yatch industry)

Concept of a biomimetic wind power system (non turbine). It's a kind of "tree" where the "leaves" are microgenerators.

Marine waste offshore digester. Developed during the EU funded project . Patent pending. It's a novel type of digester meant for offshore operation with marine waste, providing biomethane for commercial vessels and halving teh pollution and CO2 emissions caused by commercial traffic and fish farms. As any disruptive technology, it lays in a legal void area and is not appealing for private investors.

Compact home digester for kitchen waste. Novel hybrid technology, not patented and not disclosable for the moment.

Portable plant to recover litharge (lead oxide) from cathodic ray tube (CRT) glass. Not patented, looking for funding for patenting and prototyping