Awards & Recognition

Mario Alejandro Rosato

Mario Alejandro Rosato
1. John Hogg Prize 2002 (wind turbine for naval propulsion), Amateur Yatch Research Society
2. Green Vision Award 2011 (tackling the global climate change), Modus Vivendi , Rome.
3. The Economist (biohydrogen and bamboo production for capturing CO2)
4. Rockefeller Foundation (humanitarian water supply project in India),
5. Environmental Defense Fund (biological capture of nitrates to prevent water pollution) ,
6. The American Association of Consumer Electronics (decontamination and recycling of cathodic ray tube glass, patent pending)
7. Innocentive (sustainable cleaning of waffle plates in the food industry),
8. The CSR “company with a heart” award (humanitarian biogas project in India)
9. The Green Apple Award (concept of a low cost digester for rural families in India).
10. Innocentive: System for sealing the gaps between building boards.