Problem Solver

Mario Alejandro Rosato

Mario Alejandro Rosato

Areas Mario Alejandro Rosato is Knowledgeable in:

Renewable energies and rational use of energy
Environmental protection
Anaerobic digestion
Small wind turbine design
Sail boat design
Thermodyamics and thermal machines

Techniques Mario Alejandro Rosato Uses:

Not willing to disclose them. I have my own method + three degrees in engineering. Isn't it enough?

Mario Alejandro Rosato's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Yatch and small boats design
  2. Industrial engineering
  3. Energy audits
  4. Energy conversion devices
  5. Thermal machines
  6. Biomass technology
  7. Biodiesel technology
  8. Small wind turbine design
  9. Fermentative processes
  10. Wastewater treatment
  11. Dark fermentation
  12. Anaerobic digestion
  13. Solid waste treatment
  14. Industrial Chemistry

Mario Alejandro Rosato's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Development of a cogeneration biomass boiler with thermoacoustic generator (funding asked to the Friuli Region, Italy), conceptual prototype built for classroom demonstrations.
  2. Method for biogas plant optimization. Developed in my own lab, publised as a book in Italian (in translation to English for international publication). Already in use in at least 100 biogas plants in Italy.
    The book will be published in English by CRC Press (Taylor and Francis) in Sept. 2017.
  3. Variant of the Tesla turbine, prototype built and tested, looking for funding for further research
  4. Development of a "Betz cheater" (a wind turbine that potentially can escape the Betz limit). Project in collaboration with Cranfield University, presented to H2020 (awaiting answer from the EU)
  5. Development, prototyping and fine tuning of an innovative biodiesel reactor (not patented)
  6. Innocentive-anonymous company award: System for sealing the gaps between building boards.
  7. The Green Apple Award (concept of a low cost digester for rural families in India).
  8. Innocentive (sustainable cleaning of waffle plates in the food industry, award from anonymous company)
  9. The CSR “company with a heart” award (humanitarian biogas project in India)
  10. Innocentive-Rockefeller Foundation award (humanitarian water supply project in India)
  11. Innocentive - The American Association of Consumer Electronics (decontamination and recycling of cathodic ray tube glass, patent pending)
    Conference in e-waste congress, Orlando
  12. John Hogg Prize 2002 (wind turbine design method for naval propulsion)
  13. Innocentive - Environmental Defense Fund award (biological capture of nitrates to prevent water pollution)
  14. The Economist-Innocentive award: (biohydrogen and bamboo production for capturing CO2)
    conference at Pace University N.Y.
  15. Conceptual design of a portable plant for in situ transesterification and biodisel production. Patent asked and retired because of lack of funding. Investor retired because of subsides policy changes in Spain.
  16. Innocentive. An innovative heat pump to produce low-pressure steam from hot water.