Agriculture Inventions

Automatic Houseplant Watering Device

An automatic houseplant watering device which is able to water houseplants in the absence of humans for an unlimited period of time. In comparison to the similar devices it is cheaper, very user-friendly and makes no noise while operating.


Reusable container system for growing advanced landscape trees with no root spiraling A compact flat pack of walls, base and joining ZipStick The modular components can be assembled to make a wide range of three dimensional air root-pruning containers.

Container for Direct Sowing Tree Seeds for Landscaping and Revegetation

A 1.5 litre pot that is injection moulded flat and ships about 90,000 pieces per 40 ft shipping container. Uses three dimensional air root-pruning that enables direct sowing seed to large containers.

Hydroton Washing Machine

A cylinder moderized washing machine that strips all the contaminates from used Hydroton and allowes it to be safely reused. Full video of product is at

Lemon Cutting Machine

A cost effective, food grade, machine for the pickle industry having innovative design of continues feeding system to facilitate cutting of large quantity of lemon in uniform shape and sizes. It can be operated by one person. The machine is designed to optimize safety.

Portable Multipurpose Processing Unit

Multi functional machine for producing multiple products Machine has the capability to process around 200 kgs of herbal products, fruits or so in an hour. Low cost of production enabling common people to have reach of herbal products in the form of gel, juice, essence, etc.

Coconut / Palm Tree Climbing Device

Application: As a climbing device for trees belonging to ‘arecacea’ family such as coconut, areca-nut and palm for fruit harvesting, spraying pesticides and conducting experiments. Alternate application: As a climbing device for electric post. Market potential : the device is having huge potential in palm tree cultivated area such as southern Indian state of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep island, Middle East Asian countries, South East Asian countries, Australia – Oceania countries, African countries, Indian sub continent countries.

Milking Machine

There are different models and various makes of milking machines available in the market. Some milking machines can support 10 to 15 milking clusters simultaneously. Small formers having less than 6 cows cannot afford to buy and use these machines. The milk-master is a low cost hand operated milking machine affordable by small farmers also.

Sugarcane Bud Chipper Device

This machine has high potential for small land holding farmers for taking out bud from Sugarcane. 1) Used the sugarcane losses 2) It can chip out 100 buds/hr/ by a single unskilled worker 3) It is a woman friendly and time saving technology

Pasteurization and Packaging of Horse Stable Waste

Pasteurization and packaging of horse stable waste.

Power Self Sustainable Water Pump Station

The pumping out system is composed by a centrifugal pump connected to a speed-up gear, actuated by some water wheels sustained by boats, mechanically connected one to other, doing an unique main shaft. On this way the rotational speed is higher than 1000 RPM assuring a good pumping effect.The pump is connected with an up placed to stock the water basin for irrigation, aspersion or other domestic use.

Manually Powered Centrifugal Pump

The pumping out system is composed by a centrifugal pump connected to a speed-up gear, manually actuated by human force using a crank. The rotational speed is higher than 1000RPM and permits a good pumpage effect. This assembly is placed on the cover of a tube well and is connected with an up placed basin to stock the water for garden aspersion use.

Sowing Device

This device is composed by a long, trapezoidal cross-section beam provided with the equidistant and trapeze form holes, mounted inside of adequate trapeze form in section sheath also provided with equidistant holes on the bottom.The beam make a longitudinal movement under the action of a rotary pusher to realise a corresponding position between the beam holes and the shealth holes and to permit the output of seeds on the soil.

Helical Rotary Sprinkler

The helical rotary sprinkler is composed by a rotor as a cylinder which contains a helical blade assuring a rotation movement under water flow action of this assembly and a semi spherical form head, mounted on the top of the rotor, having symmetrically nozzle type holes.

Dew Point Hygrometers and Sensors

“Dew Point Hygrometers and Sensors Dew" is a device to capture moisture on the surface of the leaves so that the horticultural industry to avoid damage caused by the proliferation of germs on the surfaces of leaves whose rate of moisture content is not regulated.

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