X-ray Marker for Visually Comparing and for Controlling the Image Processing in Digital X-ray Recordings, in Particular for a Thorax X-ray Recording for a Patient Lying Down

The invention relates to an X-ray marker (1) that is also to be X-rayed in an X-ray recording of an organ of a patient (3) to be examined. The X-ray marker (1) has such a geometric X-ray weakening structure, so that the associated X-ray image (R) approximately shows the expected X-ray image structure of the organ to be examined after photographic development of an X-ray film, after digitalization and digital image processing of an X-ray storage film (6), or after digital recording and image processing by means of an X-ray detector system (20). In the case of a thorax X-ray recording for a patient lying down, the X-ray marker (2) has at least one defined X-ray weakening value that is approximately equivalent to tissue. The invention further relates to a method for evaluating the influence of the image processing for a digital X-ray recording having an organ to be examined and at least one X-ray marker (1, 2) that is also X-rayed, a method for controlling the image processing for a digital or digitalized X-ray recording, a storage film read-out unit (10), and an X-ray detector system (20).

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WO 2,011,003,390


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