NEW 110mpg HP2g™ HYBRID Internal combustion engine and method of operating same # US 8616175 B2

** US 8616175 Patent with International applications also
An internal combustion engine and a method for maximizing fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine. The internal combustion engine includes an engine block assembly having an electromagnet coupled thereto and an engine component movable relative to the engine block assembly. The engine component includes a permanent magnet coupled thereto. A control system is provided to selectively provide an electrical current to the electromagnet to produce a desired magnetic field, wherein the magnetic field of the electromagnet cooperates with a magnetic field of the permanent magnet to affect a motion of the engine component in respect of the engine block assembly.

New technology of the HP2g™ " Electromagnetic V8 Hybrid Engine." Using HP2g SKIP-FIRE™, (Variable Displacement) and an Electromagnet Pulse Motor built within the same power plant achieving over 110 miles per gallon and still can produce over 400 horsepower.

HP2g™ Facts:

• 110 Miles Per Gallon

• Hybrid V8 engine

• 400 horsepower

• 500 lb-ft of torque

• International Patent, Electromagnetic Pulse Power

• Regenerates its own electric power - no plugging in or big battery bank necessary

• EPA tested -emissions 2/3 lower than 2016 EPA standards w/out catalytic converter

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US 86,161,752 issued 2013-12-31   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

Asking Price: US$4,294,967,295

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