Method For Linking Insurance Policies

Whether you prefer tai chi, chi tea, or both, everyone can gain by linking their health to their wealth including one’s physician and insurance company.

I believe that the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC insurance patent portfolio may be of great interest to you in these areas with regard it’s potential for helping insurance companies to improve their marketing, sales and savings in health insurance, life insurance and many other types of insurance products.

Essentially, CHAI comprises various elements including: computer, software, account, credit (note: not rebate or discount – thus insureds money / savings stays in insurance company), health factor (utilizing a complex algorithm for computing potentially hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly calculations of health information from large and complex sets of biometric data based on: blood chemistries, nutritional analyses, genetic analyses, metabolic analyses, fitness measurements, psychological evaluations, etc.) from potentially millions of insureds (i.e. Big Data) while utilizing the law of small numbers i.e. (n = 1 – 7 persons) (for potentially optimizing an individual’s health factor and optimizing an insurance company(s) monetization) and / or the law of large numbers (i.e. n > 7) (i.e. the usual method of insurance amortization) for catalyzing health into wealth.

With the CHAI patents, whatever one saves financially from their improved health as per their health insurance premiums, fees, etc., they can potentially apply as credits to the purchase of other insurance policies such as life insurance, homeowners insurance, dental insurance, etc. and as such hopefully improve both their physical and fiscal well-being, thereby “catalyze health into wealth” ®

Thus, by linking health insurance with life insurance, etc. one can now develop a new type of insurance product that can yield a win - win - win situation for the: insurance company, the physician and the insured - individual.

In particular, the CHAI patents diverge from conventional insurance thinking in their use of: the law of small numbers, prevention and early detection as applied to the novel CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC concepts of: “reverse viatical” ™ , “Life Bene-FIT “ ™ , “coenzymes + cofactors = copayments” ®, etc. as detailed on the intellectual property and mechanisms pages of my above website.

I believe that the insurance innovations described in these four patents can work seamlessly with currently existing health insurance, life insurance, reinsurance and other insurance products while potentially reducing their risk and liability, as their emphasis is on improving the health and longevity of policyholders.

As such CHAI is interested in licensing opportunities with: insurance, reinsurance, captive insurance, internet insurance, finance, large hospitals (self-insuring), informatics companies, universities, etc.

...Don't forget ! "Good Health Is No Oxidant" ®

Neil Jacobson, M.S. (Nutrition)
CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC
[email protected]

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US 7,685,007 issued 2010-03-23   [MORE INFO]
US 7,890,359 issued 2011-02-15   [MORE INFO]
US 8,185,416 issued 2012-05-22   [MORE INFO]
US 8,527,304 issued 2014-03-09   [MORE INFO]

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