Omni-directional Remote-controlled Mobility Apparatus

An omnidirectional mobility apparatus. The current invention is an omni-directional, remote-controlled mobility apparatus, similar to a wheelchair, which allows the transport of an individual or object(s). The device includes a cubic-shaped base with wheel wells on each vertical side of said base. Within each wheel well is a wheel set, such that the front and rear wheel sets face each other and the left and right wheel sets face each other. The circumference of each wheel set includes a plurality of transverse-facing, smaller wheels disposed incrementally within each wheel set along the circumference of each wheel set, such that a portion of the smaller wheels protrude outside the circumference of each wheel set. This allows the mobility apparatus to propel in any direction. Also included in the device are an adjustable, interchangeable footrest and chair assembly.

US 9,027,678 issued 2015-05-12   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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