CLEAN ENERGY a Magnet Power Amplifier

MagMac Motor

Patented Magnetic Motor Development
The operational prototype has over thirty years of development through a series of benchtop designs and improvements using non-ferrous welded construction that withstands large magnetic forces.

Operational Prototype Description
The operational benchtop prototype demonstrates the functional motor design utilizing patented manipulation of magnetic field direction. The operational prototype resembles a two-cylinder boxer engine. A boxer engine has opposed cylinders either in a horizontal or vertical arrangement. Each cylinder has a piston connected to the crankshaft and a cylinder head. Each piston has an attached magnet, the 'dynamic' magnet, and each cylinder head has an attached magnet, the 'static' magnet. The timing system changes the magnetic field direction to alternate the force sequence. This arrangement produces power with each stroke, both the upstroke and the downstroke.

Operational Prototype Demonstrated Performance

Input Force (psig)
Output Torque (in-lbf)
Table 1. Benchtop Performance Data

Scalability Potential
The potential torque of 2, 4, 6, or 8-cylinder motors using 2, 3, or 4-inch magnets in the cylinder and pistons is summarized in Table 2. The relationship between magnet size and cylinder number is linear. The force of an N52 magnet is 23% larger than an N42. A 4-cylinder motor produces 2x as much as a 2-cylinder motor.

Scalable Projection Torque (in-lbf) MagMac
Cylinders 2” N52 3” N52 4” N52
2 68 130 188
4 135 260 376
6 203 390 565
8 271 519 753
Table 2. Torque Scalability by Cylinder and Magnet Size with Comparison
2 shows a 2 cylinder, 4-inch N52 MagMac motor can replace a 5hp 1750 RPM electric motor
4 shows a 4 cylinder, 4-inch N52 MagMac motor can replace a 10hp 1750 RPM electric motor
6 shows a 6 cylinder, 4-inch N52 MagMac motor can replace a 15hp 1750 RPM electric motor
8 shows an 8 cylinder, 4-inch N52 MagMac motor can replace a 20hp 1750 RPM electric motor

Projected performance of the MagMac Motor compared to electric motors is given in Table 3. The comparison of 2, 4, 6, and 8 cylinder MagMac Motors are circled on the chart.

The off-grid operation does not require any utilities other than its control system. A single motor can operate alone or within a control loop with other motors.

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US 7,330,094 issued 2008-02-12   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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